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Alien game voice pack

Alien - Voice Pack



Digital Download. 100% royalty-free

Alien - Voice Pack is a collection of over 400 Sound files including 150+ English phrases and words, 15+ Words in an made up language and a bunch of Screams, Grunts, Hurt-sounds, Laughs, Growls, Hits and Death-sounds.


  • 400+ Sounds
  • 150+ Phrases and Words
  • 2 versions from each word/phrase ( Angry Scream, calm Low voice)
  • Fade in and Out
  • Own made up Language
  • Screams, Grunts, Roars, Hurt-sounds, Laughs, Growls, Hits and Death-sounds.
  • High Quality 44.1 Khz 16 Bit Audio in .Wav format
  • Categorized, Organized and named for ease of use  (example:Alien_Ive_been_waiting_for_you_Growl_Hard)


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Recorded in High Quality 32 Bit 96 Khz and converted to 16 bit, 44100 Hz, .wav format. Mix of stereo and mono. Fade in and Out to make sure no clipping occurs.

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